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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Sunday, February 20 2011, 10:45:12 (UTC)
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The US is trying its typical propaganda and fear tactics by trying to demonize the Muslim brotherhood and paint them as if they are like the Taliban or Khomeini. When the Brits and others were fucking Egypt, it was the brotherhood who fought them and tried to protect Egyptians. That motherfucker AbdelNasser was a porn addict while his people were peasants. Does America reject all regimes and dictators or only certain ones. Why are guys like Musharaf and Mubarak etc accepted even though they are dictators but Taliban and Islamic parties are prevented? It is the right of the citizens to vote their leaders, and shouldn't matter weather US likes them or not. US doesn't ask Iraqis who the American president should be so why can't Egyptians have who they want? The Muslim brotherhood is actually very moderate and they have no such thing as hijab police or beard patrol which are not Islamic anyway.

They actually care for all Egyptians and want free elections and provide safety, jobs etc. There is nothing wrong with them except the US doesn't like them because they may not be good puppets like other grups and leaders. They didn't care about the Taliban either except they were burning the opium, heroin and other products that America wanted. They can't tell me they went all the way there to protect women when their own live in crisis shelters and rape rates are bizarre in the US.

Excuse my typing and any spelling errors due to me being hi from this weed and sippin on crown royal


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