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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Wednesday, July 6 2011, 6:34:30 (UTC)
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For him to keep it going, he needs many dead Christians first and they have to be killed by Muslims. Secondly, he needs them to remain there even after life becomes difficult and dangerous. They can't leave because then Aprim will need to find another occupation and so will his klan members. There was never a time in Iraq's history where a large number of Christians left for the west. In the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s the vast majority stayed. It was only after 1991 that so many started leaving. So if life with Muslims was impossible, why they only started leaving after the US a war against the Iraqi people? Aprim was in the back cheering them on and fully supportive of it. He didn't care if more Christians will die because that's good for business. He also made demands and continued pretending he is the leader of Iraqi Christians but from that same distance in the west where he is safe.

He wants Christians to stay in Iraq in order to keep a presence in his "Assyria" but at the same time he chose to leave long before things were even bad. It's okay for them warriors to leave but it's bad if others leave. Aprim was supportive of this war and sides with the White man because he kisses his shoes plus he sees this as another golden opportunity of his. But this opportunity has actually hurt his business because the largest exodus of Iraqi Christians has been taking place in the last 8 years. That's the most that left at one time and the estimated number of remaining Christians in Iraq is about 500,000 to 600,000. Before this war, it there were around 1,5 million Christians in Iraq and almost a million have left since this war. It's sad that they left their homeland but at the same time I am glad they did so and don't take Aprim serious.

We have some new Iraqi Christian refugees in my city now and I asked them if they ever heard of Aprim and they had no fucking clue who this dick sucker is. He may think of himself popular but he isn't. Contrary to his 'stats' on his website, the majority of Iraqi Christians aren't even Assyrian by identity but Christian Arabs and Chaldeans of whom many also identify themselves as simply Iraqi or Arab Christians. This war has actually been a bullet in his heart without him realizing it. Maybe he does realize this and doesn't care because he can still write "books" and make a little noise from far away.

Something that gets to me is how these champions of Assyria launch all kinds of silly attacks against Kurds, but from the internet only of course, but those Kurds are in their land. Barazani doesn't live in California or Sweden but in Kurdistan. The majority of Kurds are back home with their leaders whereas the "Assyrian" leaders are in the west or in Modesto like someone we know who owns a TV station, but I am not gonna mention his name.

All these demands but none of them are in Iraq, and all these claims of persecution, yet Christians only started fleeing since this war began. They always undress themselves when they make their demands, claims or cheer on the foreign invaders.


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