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=> Arab Muslims are known for RUINING things that is not their!

Arab Muslims are known for RUINING things that is not their!
Posted by JUMBLAT (Guest) - Wednesday, December 5 2007, 1:57:37 (CET)
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The AssyriamMuslim wrote:

" If only you had some real aircrafts, would be nice then but you ain't got shit. Why don't go fix that Buddha statue in Afghanistan since you so crying over it. I would have done the same thing to if these fucking sons of bastards devastated my country with war, peverty and destruction ."


Yes , I don't have personally any artifacts, what I am speaking is about our Assyrian artifacts, and then those who destroyed others artifacts, they already destroyed our ASSYRIAN artifacts before that and will do it any time and here from a book titled ' The Luck of Nineveh, by Arnold C. Brackman (McGRAW - Hill Book Company 1978 , page 336:

" In 1852 an Armenian Catholic priest reported that a colossal status had been discovered by men plowing a field at Kouyunjik and that the farmers, DEVOUTED MOSLEMS, ' ORDERED-IT TO BE BROKEN, as they do with everything else that is brought to light. ' A year ,In 1891, when Budge was in Mosul, he found only one winged bull left intact , a year later , an aide reported that the head had been-backed off by local people . In 1914 W.A.Wigram , in Cradle of Mankind ( London:Black , 1914), re[ported the fate of the ASSYRIAN MONUMENT : ' the WHOLE MONUMENT WAS SOLD FOR THE SUM OF THREE SHILLINGS to be BURNT INTO LIME BY ITS PURCHASER !

These are the deeds of your ARAB MUSLIMS, putting aside they are responsible of burning the library of ALEXANDRIA, EGYPT and many other things !


way our articrafts from Iraq which were kept safe by Muslims for the longest were stolen by some of your homo sexuall white Christian journalists and other kafirs. They were selling them online and at auctions for a miserable price. When Saddam was in power, who could have dared touch those things? and now they are doing as they please. Killing Iraqis, stealing resources, using poisinous weapons, raping women, carrying out violent attacks on churches, masjids and civilan places to cause civil war and have an excuse to stay. As a Britisher told me "If you aint white you aint right" "we see all them as the same". They don't give a fuck how proudly you gays scream "we are Christians" "we are not Arabs" "we are white", they don't give fuck because they are pigs.


The only thing kept the IRAQI artifact safe was that they buried more than two meters deep in the ground, and the one surfaced as it is said abpve most of them were either ruined or burnt.
Then DON'T BE CHAMPION to tell me about SADDAM HUSSEIN, we know and SADDAM himself know that he was an ASSYRIAN, and no question will try to protect them.
If there is one BRITISH person moron told you that, DOESN'T MAKE ALL THE BRITISH the same, as that BRITISH told you , we are told by your MUSLIM ARABS more than that .
The bottom line what you did for IRAQ? nothing but you and PANCHO except with a cheap talk, while I did for IRAQ in my trips , 1992 and 1997 , where I posses everything to support my deeds by the PRESIDENT personal letter to me !


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