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Assyria shall Arise with the help of" The People"
Posted by Maggie (Guest) - Friday, December 1 2006, 20:55:57 (CET)
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Assyria shall Arise with the help of" The People"
By:The People
Date: Friday, 1 December 2006, at 2:14 am
Website: Mess O potato

"Let us all learn from the past, and believe in the power of The People."

Ha, ha, ha. Pancho and I are part of "the people" but look how you tried to murder us! Oh I see, you are referring to YOUR people. In that case, YOU WILL NEVER LEARN FROM THE PAST!

"This Nation will go from strength to strength"

YOU have no strength, only fears and insecurities.

"regardless of threatening disownment by some so-called educated, well based individuals, who claim to abandon the Assyria permantly, as a result of their frustration to deal with some logical Administrative guidelines recommended to govern this respectable Forum."

You call your double-standards, biases and prejudices "logical Administrative Guidelines"????? Are you for real?

"These so-called patriots, were calling Mr. Johhny Michael yesterday, as an Assyrian Hero, for his televised interview with ""."

We NEVER Called him a "hero". These are your words, because you are always looking for heroes and messiahs!

"Today, these same sources are now proclaiming they can't put up with Idiots,ignormouses, and down-right-nasty, hateful low lives."

We never said we cannot put up with them, we just said Assyria is filled with them! AND that my dear is the TRUTH, and you are a living example!

"And that it will be a great loss to Assyria if they fade away."

Who said we are fading away? On the contrary, we are here to stay and be a thorn in your eyes!

"They also strongly renounce their willingness to cooperate with a bunch of undeserving people!"

That is very true. YOU are UNDESRVING because you are all liers, cheats, and freaks for Jesus! You would be deserving if you were Assyrians.

"Any person with a head on his/her shoulder can judge for themselves where the rationality of such desperation comes from."

We are not desperate, YOU are, for generating funds for your lies.

"Assyria shall arise regardless of you and me"

He, he, nothing rises by itself, unless it is YEAST.

"it is not the GOLDEN PEN and education that will lead this Nation to its final destination"

We shall see. Education has led ALL nations to progress, but apparently according to you, ONLY Assyria doesn't NEED education.

"it is the will of the AssyrianChaldeanSyrian people"

You mean YOUR KalboAssho "will"?

"and the continued struggle of those brave soldiers embedded on the ground in our country - Iraq."

What soldiers? You never had soldiers and you NEVER will.

"Final words: Assyria is not for sale, and can't be bought."

You sold it, and sold yourself over and over again, even today, and Assyria was auctioned off for lack of Assyrian takers! So it has been bought by the same people you sold yourself and heritage to.

"History is on our side because of our indigenous status on the Land of Beth-Nahrain."

EVERYONE in Bet Nahrain is indigenous.

"Assyria's strength comes from the support of its average and dedicated people."

You have no support and you never will, but you love deceiving yourself!

"One person's might is a drop of water in the sea, especially people who are looking for fame and personal recognition."

Like you and your Rabi, and his attack dogs??


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