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Posted by Muncho (Guest) - Tuesday, November 27 2007, 23:30:46 (CET)
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"Hey Mancho, I know you said you are not religious but I know there are many people who may not be religious but they were still influenced during their childhood by their religion and its teachings. I know for us it's usually Christianity and for us who come from the west and are born and raised in the west, it is hard to not have been at one point influenced by Christianity."

*** Why weren't YOU influenced then? too smart?

" So Christianity, with all due respect to Christians, has done a great job of screwing things up in the minds of people."

*** Howcome it didn't screw things up in YOUR mind? Is it because you're a "genius"?

" I am talking about painting images oe a mental picture into a human's mind."

***What images were painted into YOUR mind? Virgin images? is this what it's all about for you?

" Now, ask most of the Christians, especially from the west, of what their image of God os, they'll most likely think of a huge guy with a beard,"

***You say that because you think that yourself... I blame your parents for letting you watch too many Cartoons.

" So what I am saying is that Christianity has created mental pictures into the minds of people and not only Christians but even some others too."

***The Qur'an VALIDATES Jesus, Mary, Christianity (Ahlel Kitaab, remember) and all the prophets... (I can't believe how dumb you are... Do you read the Qur'an like you read your own posts?)

"When we say "Jannah" or "Paradise", we are not talking about the same thing that Christians or even others believe or imagine. For us we know that this is a physical place just as this life was physical except that the hereafter is much greater and not very comparable to this life."

*** That's nothing but a HEARSAY!................. GROW UP!

"So, yes just as there are enjoyable things in this life on this earth, there are far more in the hereafter and that is the whole reward for our labor that we have put in this life."

*** How the hell do you know? Do you have a Video recording of that? pancho likes to see videos to believe things...... AssyrianMazloom, GROW UP!

"Do you think that any of us will deserve such reward as that? of course not. None of us will have done enough good in this life to enjoy such great reward."

*** LOOOL God you're good... Why are you wasting time then?........... AssrianMazloom, forget growing up, because you have no hope of ever growing up...

" Just imagine, people in this life get fascinated when they buy a nice home or car, and sometimes totally forget that they will have to die one day."

*** That's called HUMAN NATURE you, genius you... and guess who creacted human nature like that?

"So if the pleasures of this life are so amazing and great, can anyone even imagine what the hereafter is like?"

*** Only fools can, OBVIOUSLY!

"it is far better and is not for a short time with all the bad things on here."

*** You been there ALREADY? or is it just some mental images someone stuffed your mind with? Tell me the truth...

" So yes, there are great rewards and one will receive anything one desires in Jannah because that is the reward and that was the whole point of being good."

*** Oh Really? Who told you? thanks for letting us know... I would have never thought about that... Geee, Thanks again AssyrianMazloom.

"There wont be no more "wrong doing" or "sinning" therefore one can receive all one can imagine or desire. That includes a Mcdonalds plays house by the way lol."

*** Really? And 40 year old Virgins too? WOW, I LIKE THAT...

"No but seriously, I don't know why so many Christians are so shocked or find it so horrific to hear about the pleasures of Paradise."

*** Never seen any SHOCKED Christians yet...

"We Muslims are happy just knowing that God is merciful and that he'll even grant us Jannah and everything else can come from there."

Really? How do you "know"? Has God given you a signed contract?

"That is not what comes to our mind and don't let CNN or the other propgandist fool you"

*** As a matter of fact, I don't watch CNN or FOX... I watch Aljazeera ;-)

" because I been a Muslim for almost 3 years now and the "women" of Paradise" is not a big deal to me or the reason for being good,"

*** Well, the 40 year Virgins are a big deal for me...

"but it is the whole principal of receiving mercy and obviously being granted Jannah period. But, if I go out and commit all the bad things outhere, of course, I don't deserve even to taste Jannah since I was pleased with this temp pleasure and didn't behave myself and do as I was supposed to. So for us "Jannah" is not like the Heaven that others think of or try to teach. As my brother Pancho always says, and I love it by the way, "a white clowd" where we'll live forever. That is not our Jannah but that of Christianity. We believe in a physical place just as this life was, we believe in a day where we will be raised to life again and will be questioned and judged."

*** What goes around, comes around... That's called Nature...What does that have to do with God? Hasn't anyone put that image in your head?

"Now we can talk about the "devil" which the Christian born again pastors like to blame when they just got done screwing a prostitute,"

*** They do that because they are "geniuses" like you...

"killing their wife and burrying her in the back yard for insurance money,"

*** OMG, that is so true... I never heard of a Muslim killing his wife and daughter for NOTHING. It was just an "honor" killing, I guess... And that is a BIG deal, isn't it?

" or getting engaged in homosexuality and other things. We do not believe in a "devil" like the one that Christianity has painted for centuries now where some creature in a redish looking shape with horns, sharp teeth, a long tail, and a spere in the hand. I am sorry but if that is the "devil" or as we call him by his proper name "Iblis", we would all run and no one would fall for him."

*** You really should stop watching too many cartoons...


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