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Posted by Rabel (Guest) - Thursday, December 13 2007, 6:05:43 (CET)
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Website title: The Official Site of Rasson Bet-Yonan


CHICAGO: Theme & Variation in Four Movements has been released. Rasson Bet-Yonan’s originality is unmistakable as he weaves east and west together into seamless variations on Assyrian folk melodies. Each movement is based on a different Assyrian melody; “Gol Sheiny,” “Goodi,” “Ziepta d’Khetna,” and “Sheikhany” respectively.

Adam Chlastawa, a native of Poland, preformed the piece. Chlastawa started playing the piano at the age of six and has performed in the USA, Taiwan, Hungary, Poland, and Japan. Theme and Variation was recorded at Chicago Recording Co. on a Steinway Grand Piano. Dennis Tousana recorded and mixed the piece.

Don't miss out on one of the most breakthrough Assyrian musical projects ever!

For more information, visit
To buy the CD, visit

Kinnara Productions


Hi Fred,

I hope all is well. Kris and I hope to visit you soon.



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