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Assyrian Rights???
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Friday, December 14 2007, 20:19:01 (CET)
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We’ve been hearing about them forever…just what are they? Rights to what? Are these special rights available only to them? What country gives any minority within its borders special rights? Do Assyrians have special rights in America? Do Apaches? Could they legally demand or expect any? What rights are there in a democracy beyond the rights granted every citizen?

And while we’re on the subject of minority rights vs. democracy, when did Afro-Americans have even equal rights? Even with our Constitution and the rights and liberties we brag about, millions of Americans, far more discommoded than Assyrians in the MidEast everywhere, had their basic human and legal rights withheld from them, legally and then illegally right up until 40 years ago…in fucking America! Merely to get some compensation to make up for the illegal and inhumane treatment generations of their children had suffered neglect under by making some slight allowances for the sub-standard lives they and their parents had been forced, by law and custom, to endure, nearly drove the white man crazy and he began shouting REVERSE RACISM!!!...just because an attempt was made to level the playing field by first tilting it ever so slightly in favor of minority children who’d been plowed under that field for centuries…until today when those slight advantages have all but been done away with and, oddly enough, aspiring Blacks have been found who actually preen themselves on saying they were never necessary, fooling themselves into thinking they were always “equal” and are now “as good as” just because a few have been allowed in through the front door taking on the old role of Massa’s house nigger, like Colin Powell, Uncle Thomas Clarence and Condi Rice as against field nigger, like most of the rest of Afro-Americans…but that’s another story.

Minorities in ever democracy on earth have been fortunate to get equal rights…but special rights? Where? When? How? The Millet System is long dead…no more will religious minorities be ruled by their own leaders, not in democracies. In the modern nation-state there can be but one nation…not two. Assyrians may, for fun, call themselves a nation...but they can never be accepted by any government as a true nation, because there would then be two nations, or three or twenty within one country…silly no? Assyrians living in Iraq or America or Kurdistan have no “national” rights outside what every other citizen of those countries is allowed by law. This has to be told to them? Their “leaders” don’t know this?

When they point to Paul Bremmer’s Iraqi constitution as giving them a “right” to elect their own leadership are they not aware that the paper is worthless? That it was a piece of window dressing…a napkin to hide America’s illegal war and naked aggression behind by appearing to care about the “rights” of minorities when it had just trampled on the rights of every Iraqi and would soon begin to trample on those of their own citizens as well? Do these people think? Do they read any but books that please them and flatter them and tell them they deserve whatever they say they do? Was Michael Youash born yesterday? Does Fred Aprim live under a rock?

If by “national rights” they mean rights to have a nation of their own, who said so? Who decides these things? Who’s going to take land from some people to give to others…who? And why would Assyrians have any exclusive rights to such land…why Because they say so? Because of five lines and a Mor or two? Because they speak the ”language of Christ”? Who gives a fuck what language they speak? How does that translate to a land grab? The Bible may be cited as the source of a grant of land to Jews, but where did Christ set up a land office?

People have a right, by international law, to TAKE land and if they can hold it, it’s theirs….that’s the way it’s always been done from the time of Sargon down through George Washington to Barzani. International law is still at the jungle state, as the law among people and within nations used to be. The Kurds TOOK their land as the Israelis did. It doesn’t matter in the least who else thinks he has a moral right to it…moral rights may get you into heaven but they don’t get you a country, period. If Assyrians are lucky, they can look forward to equal rights as Kurdistanis…if they like, they can be Kurdistani Assyrians…as they love to be Australian Assyrians etc. And after discharging all their duties as Kurdistani’s and enjoying all the rights that nationality entitles them to…they can be any kind of Assyrians or Italians they want to be, so long as they break no laws….which is exactly the way it was in Iraq and is England and in America and everywhere else. That’s it and that’s all…to demand any more will get them nothing but heartache and jail time…as it has for everyone who’s made such demands in any country on earth.


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