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Assyrianmuslim YOU ARE paid Muslim!
Posted by Ashur Beth-Shlimon (Guest) - Wednesday, January 28 2009, 4:12:50 (CET)
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It is clear that some radical Muslim countries pay millions of dollars to promote ISLAM by any means. Those who come on top is the most close to the U.S.A. , the Saudi Government who are promoting the WAHABI denomination not among MUSLIMS, but even among Christian countries.

Reports said that the Saudi government pay a salary for any woman or girl which uses the HIJAB/covering their face.
And also do that in most poor countries like EGYPT , as one person who deserted Islam and became a Christian, he said suddenly we see people wearing the HIJAB out of blue, later they found that these people are paid .
All the Islamic countries are in trouble from spreading Christianity and trying in every way to promote Islam in any way they could.
For sure the other countries who spend money are Kuwait, Libya and some of the Gulf states.

Thanks to the ELECTRONIC MEDIA , ISLAM is exposed , and the best that some MUSLIMS who are abandoning Islam .
A newspaper in Morocco reported that thousands every year are becoming Christians, and to a point that they permission to have even Churches .

Also , it is good news that WAFA SULTAN, a Muslim woman from Syria attacked Islam even on JAZERA NETWORK to a point that those MUSLIM CLERICS ran away and canceled the debate that much were humiliated.

This the so-called Assyrianmuslim, don't know how he defend ISLAM while is ignorant and doesn't know the Arabic language. I am positive he is DICTATED by MUSLIMS how to promote ISLAM.


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