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Banning Your Intelligence While Deleting Yourself
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Friday, December 14 2007, 20:20:20 (CET)
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What has all this banning and deleting, with each one starting their own forum where they commit the same crimes against free speech and democracy as forced them to it? Isn’t it the same as what the church is doing…and our so-called political clubs? Why are we so damn fearful of courage? Why do we thwart our own intelligence so…parading our ignorance around on its hind legs before “the world”?

Did anyone get rid of anyone by banning them? Didn’t they just roost somewhere else, or open their own forum? And doesn’t everyone read everywhere anyway? And if you still want to challenge or address someone who thought they silenced you…aren’t you even more free to drag them from where thy think they’re hiding, out into the main street and have your way with them anyway?

What did people think to accomplish by banning what they don’t like? Did it go away? Is all they were trying to do is not be seen as unable to give coherent answers to simple questions? Isn’t that still the case? I can’t tell Maggie to her face that she’s an arrogant bitch who makes way too much of her bachelors degree and is half-cracked in what she supposes is being an Assyrian. But so what? I can drag her over any time and slap her ideas around all I want to. What has she done but silence HERSELF? I’m still here…I’m still free as I like…but at least she doesn’t have to be forced into digging a bigger hole for herself…at least she can appear to be “above it all”…when she’s really just admitting she sank under and had to escape somehow…but she hardly improved her position or character any…she only became weaker, as they all have and continue to do…each of them demanding you send in a cream puff for them to do “battle with”. Anything more substantial and you “hate them” and they’ll just hold their breath till they’re blue in the face..or you go away.

Look at Beth-Jumblat. This guy actually thinks it’s ‘action” when he refuses to SPELL the word Qurd! As if his not recognizing them means they aren’t there…or will go away. Where do people learn such weak-kneed behavior from…and parade it around as if proud of themselves? I still believe most of the blame comes from parents who overindulged their darlings, keeping anything that could disturb them far away…the result is that they’ve never had to FACE things and see how best they can overcome or MEET the challenge…instead they still want to run to someone for protection…a moderator-Mammy or some such authority figure…or else they just retreat, hurling threats and curses over their shoulder as they slink, “proudly”, away behind locked doors.



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