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Bet Jassim Bassoo strikes again....
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Saturday, January 5 2008, 21:12:34 (CET)
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It would be too painful to post his "article" again...but this introduction is a must:

Muslim Claims of Accomplishment
By Peter BetBasoo | Friday, January 04, 2008

EDITOR'S NOTE: There is great need for setting the record straight on the history of the Middle East. The revisionism of the last few years will lead Western Civilization into bondage. The following letter by Assyrian scholar Peter BetBasoo is a very important step in the right direction. It was sent by Assyrian scholar Peter BetBasoo to Carly Fiorina, CEO of Hewlett Packard Corporation, in response to a speech she presented in Minneapolis on September 26, 2001. It is reprinted by permission. Please read and pass it on to others.

...anyone who knows Peter knows he's a computer programmer for the military...that's his actual profession, meaning it's what he gets paid for and therefore must have some expertise in...what the world is willing to take him seriously as....he also styles himself a poet...but there he isn't professional, meaning if he had to make a living as a poet he'd starve...neither is he a "scholar"...even though this paragraph mentions it twice...not even ten times would make a scholar of him. He has no academic standing at all as an "expert" on the history of the Middle East...all he's done is read Aprim's books, and one or two of his own.

...this is the main reason these guys "love Assyria"...because it's a fantasy place...a backyard clubhouse where they can pretend to be anything they want...and THIS dweeb is going to "educate" Carly Fiorina about Islam! And they wonder why they're laughed at when not ignored outright.

...this is a fellow whose greatest and most heroic act, for Assyria, was changing his own last name, Jassim, to BetBassoo...because his sister married a Muslim. Since it happened in America he couldn't merely disown her and save the family homor by saying she was kidnapped and FORCED into marriage. So he did the next best thing, he disowned HIMSELF. I wonder if he bothered to ask the BetBassoos how they felt having him appropriate their family name.

...anyway, this name-change of his reveals the sort of narrow-minded, hate-filled racist those of us who know him recognize...and all anyone out there has to know about this "scholar" is that he reacted in such a reactionary way to KNOW just what kind of "scholar" he is. happens every time...every time: these people expose THEMSELVES...they insult one else needs to do it. To be this kind of a Racist and to claim you're a "scholar" is to make a professor of genetics of Adolf Hitler.

...hmmmmm. Peter Hitler has a certain ring to Adolf BetBassoo maybe?


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