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Blame Dems for Repubs....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, May 7 2017, 18:01:25 (UTC)
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...actually, blame the way politics works in a two-party system.

After Johnson pushed through the Civil Rights Bill the Dems lost the South to the Repubs who developed their "Southern Strategy" which they meant they swung hard right on Blacks as predators and criminals and welfare queens, playing right into the prejudice of Southerners who felt betrayed by the Dems over Civil Rights...that threw the Dems into a was sort of noble of them to take a bullet for Civil Rights but it robbed them of their dependable base. Since then it got tougher on them to build a solid coalition and fight back.

That ended when Bill Clinton went Right himself....Dems became just as giddy over capital crimes, signed off on more executions, hired more police, cut welfare rolls and food stamps, bombed somewhere, short they picked up on solid Republican "values"....Clinton got elected and more and more Dems turned into moderate Republicans...including Obama who had very little of the Liberal about him and none of the Progressive...everybody moved to the Right with the result that the Repubs got pushed further and further to the fringe and the very edge of sanity.

Now they may have gone too far themselves...but only because, again, the Dems forced them to it by passing Obamacare, which cost them in the short term...and, again, it was sort of noble of them to take yet another bullet over health care, which cost them majorities everywhere...only now people are more fond of Obamacare than ever and it is the Repubs who've gone too far, maybe.

The strategy of robbing Repubs of their thunder by co-opting it worked for the Dems, but at what cost? Now the Repubs have gone so far into crazy territory that the Dems can ease up, a little....but no one is going to be Progressive in this country ever again...not unless the earth actually melts.


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