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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Wednesday, December 26 2007, 0:24:08 (CET)
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The Netherlands commemorates Dr Fuat Deniz 25.Dec.2007

...the "Netherlands" did NOT commemorate Deniz..his friends IN the Netherlands did. It's this sort of wilful misleading and self-importance that makes you suspicious of their motives; I mean how they LOVE a corpse...WHEN it's killed by a Muslim. You can bet that has Deniz been killed by an American soldier, his name would have been buried with Maggie Younan's children.

Category: Netherlands / Written by: Friends of Fuat Deniz Netherlands

On Sunday 23 December the Assyrians in the Netherlands commemorated the murder of the Assyrian sociologist Dr Fuat Deniz at the Sunday mass in the eight churches of the Syriac Orthodox Church. Together with a thousand faithful, the Archbishop of the Syriac Orthodox Church in the Netherlands, Mor Polycarpus Augin, participated in the mass at the Mor Kuryakos Church in Enschede. In his sermon he spoke about the great loss of Dr Fuat Deniz, as one of the first community members who reached high academic achievements in the lands of diaspora.

...Dr Joseph got there first...but he won't stroke your balls so he doesn't count.

Mor Polycarpus noted: “We notice that there are still dark powers that want to hurt our people and that want to make an end to its enlightenment. This does not occur only in our ancestral homelands but also in the lands of diaspora; in the lands of freedom and democracy. one has done you more harm than yourselves...anywhere. It wasn't a Turk, Kurd or Arab who blocked the installation of the second Assyrian public monument in 2500 was one of you Christians.

The late Fuat Deniz, was a senior lecturer at Örebro University. People who have wanted to stop his speech, put a knife on his throat and took away his blood and that of Suryoyutho. The dark powers expected to silence Fuat through putting a knife on his throat – not knowing that his voice will only strengthen that of his brothers among future generation Assyrians/Syriacs.”

..then why are you complaining? It seems, according to you, that the best way to revive your hearts and make you all strong for your faith is to put a knife on your throats...have you ever thought of achieving anything by living?

Following these words, Mor Polycarpus expressed his trust that the younger generation Assyrians/Syriacs will continue in the footsteps of Dr Fuat Deniz.

...I don't think you know what his footsteps were leading to. But the footsteps of many of our people, hundreds of thousands of them, were diverted by Christian nations either beyond the borders of Iraq or to the cemetary...those 700,000 Iraqi babies starved to death by Christians didn't seem to "energize" you at all....what a pity Muslims didn't kill them...just think how "full of life" that would have made you feel. Bloodsuckers!

After the mass, hundreds of people gathered in the hall of Mor Kuryakos church where Mor Polycarpus, together with Christian Democrats Parliamentarian Pieter Omzigt and Sabri Atman (director Seyfo Center) spoke to the audience. In relation to Fuat’s murder and the fear following from that, Mr. Omzigt said that the murder may have a political motive. He therefore urged on the people present to report to the police if they had ever been intimidated or threatened, in order to be able to problemize this aspect politically in the Dutch Parliament.

..ask Muslims the world over if they feel "threatened" by Christians.

Mr. Atman stressed Fuat Deniz’s efforts in support of creating a democratic society and a society where people care about each other. For Atman, ‘caring for each other’ is therefore a precondition in order to follow in Fuat Deniz’s footsteps.

..then the Iraqis would be at the head of the line following Deniz...and you Christians would be hot on their trail, your bloody knives and fighter bombers drawn and ready.

Friends of Fuat Deniz, Netherlands

...a more honest claim.


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