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=> CIA Interrogator: At Time of U.S. Invasion...(a must read).

CIA Interrogator: At Time of U.S. Invasion...(a must read).
Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Thursday, December 29 2016, 21:06:19 (UTC)
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--- This is big! Apparently, Saddam did NOT order the chemical bombing of the Qurds:

"He said that he did not order weapons to—chemical weapons to be used in Halabja against the Kurds. I have to admit, I didn’t believe him at the time. When I went back to Washington, I started looking into this a lot more deeply. I started reading some of the debriefings of other senior government aides. They corroborated that story. And then we found documentation from the Iraqis that also corroborated that. It was a battlefield decision made by an Iraqi commander at the scene. And Saddam actually was angry at the commander for having made that decision, largely because the use of the chemical weapons was in PUK territory. They were allied with Iran. And he was afraid that Iran would make hay out of this with the international media."

CIA Interrogator: At Time of U.S. Invasion, Saddam Hussein Was Focused on Writing Novel, Not WMDs

Part I:

Part II:


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