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Capitalism and Pornography
Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Thursday, October 20 2011, 11:14:29 (UTC)
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I was watching a film about how pornograhpy has blown-up into a billion dollar industry, and become an acceptable venture for many young girls who are promised an easy and fast way to become millionaires.

In one scene a group of pscychologists had run a study in which they had found that the type of porn that most men watch are anal, gagging, gang bang, and violent.

The film also displayed how the acceptance of porn in the main stream (manily for it's large profit margins), and it's shadow corporate funding, played a great part in making legal animated kiddie porn and rape simulated through computer graphics.

In the '60s when Lenny Bruce said he'd rather his kid watch a stag film than a war movie, the porn of that period to which he was referring was rather mild, at times goofy, and even innocent.

Today's adult films, compared to the '60s and '70s, are as different as marijuana is to crystal meth. Basically, the objectification and submission of women has reached a point where one young college kid was saying that for years he thought that women loved it if they were spat on, slapped, humilated and anally raped.

I've always seen porn as the epitome of today's capitalist system which attempts to commodify the most intimate human act and shape our consciousness into definite modes of submission and domination for the simple end of maximizing profits. As one former adult performer said: "if jamming a bunch of cocks in every orifice is a legitimate way to make money, then there's something difinitely wrong with our labor system."


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