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Cartoon Nation....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, April 21 2017, 17:36:33 (UTC)
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...that's what the US has become.

Once upon a time we weren't afraid of the British Empire...then we ignored the rise of Hitler and the rest of them, even the resentment of Japan...and then we descended into "profitable comic antics".....all of a sudden Korea was a "threat"...before that trade unions were a 'threat"...American men and women wanting decent wages and opportunity became the "enemy of the people" even the press, the people who can expose just this sort of nonsense, is another enemy.

Communism gave us the fan tods and Then Vietnamese rice farmers drove us to smelling salts...we were told commies hid under our beds, and in our schools and Hollywood...and all along South American peasants drove us to overdose on tranquilizers and when communism collapsed, much to Boeing's's chagrin, we invented radical Islam and then scared ourselves to death with that till we attacked the wrong country and started this slide into comic madness with no relief...and now we're supposed to tremble at another cartoon nation...whenever needed we trot out the funny Koreans in the tall hats and go to trembling and weeping over them...we're so addled with tremors and fears and night-sweats that we can't see it is all of our own doing.....we ignored Hitler till it was almost too late and now we piss our pants over Korea?

..Follow the money...who made trillions over the whimpification of Americans?


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