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Casey Anthony
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Sunday, July 10 2011, 7:25:51 (UTC)
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This young woman was nothing until the American media made her into something. I have long stopped paying attention to American TV but I couldn't help that I saw her name every time i flipped through the to see what was on. All of the news networks and all of the "excuse me, are you saying we are not independent" guys were talking about the same thing. Even the pictures were all the same on all the different shows and networks. What is it with the news networks and how only certain things are given attention? Is there nothing else to report around the world, is it another way to distract(one of my opinions) or is there money involved(another opinion of mine)? They pick and choose what is worthy of news and it's always propaganda. There are so many children that go missing and we never hear of them. All the stores, malls and post offices have walls filled with missing children photos and no word from the news.

How many children are also killed every day and there is no sound from the media. Some may be lucky enough to barely make it on the local news programs but even that's not often. Whoever this unknown woman was, she is famous now, and don't matter how much Americans hate her, she is free, will make money and sell books. The same asses who are pissed that she walked free will buy her books when it's published some day. I heard one bitch on Tv saying that nobody will buy her books but the same was said about Lewinsky and she made over 40 millions profit from book sales.

The people who receive fame, attention etc are always families of a certain someone and so are the celebrities, athletes etc. It's not about talent so much but about connections. You can have all the talents in the world and nobody will ever know you. I knew guys who were so talented that they could and should be playing basketball professionally but they weren't related to "somebody" nor have some kind of mentor who knows a few people with power. I am sure this White woman is no different and that's why she has become so famous. America is such a pathetic place and the peopel are so fucked up that many will do anything to get even 15 minutes of coverage or some kind of mention.

an old friend once told me that if a dog bites a kid it isn't news but the kid biting a dog will be news. In other words, something stupid has to be done or else it won't be news. There was a female I use to work with who was found murdered in her car fewe years ago. Nobody heard from her or about her. Not even the local news mentioned her but the same news will tell us how a little red headed girl made 500 dollars in one summer selling lemonade. I don't know how it's decided what makes the news but it takes a certain something.


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