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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, June 15 2011, 0:25:31 (UTC)
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...the Oriental Institute is much in the news because of this remarkable this makes it an ideal time to remind ourselves that while white people know how to start and complete such great projects, our people know only how to shoot themselves in the which I mean that we could have had our Shumirum Monument installed a block and a half from this very Oriental Institute, on the lovely grounds of the University of Chicago, if not for the petty envy of one assyrian plus the indifference of the greater community. man, John Nimrod, one-time state senator in Illinois threatened to sue the city of Chicago if they "dared" install the monument, which they were thrilled about, anywhere in Chicago EXCEPT at his pissant "assquarters" of the AUA....with deep regret the director of the public art department wrote to me that the city's lawyers advised against proceeding until this "gentleman" clarified his complaint or removed his bogus threat which, none the less the lawyers had to treat as if it came from a bona fide adult...imagine what the white folks thought of us, to receive this singular honor only to have one of our own ruin, who ELSE has ever done such a thing or would?

So, Chicago didn't get the monument....instead it will be installed this fall, finally after 20 years, in Turlock on the campus of Stanislaus State College....go assyria!!!


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