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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Thursday, December 20 2007, 19:08:04 (CET)
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Mar Giwargis, represented ACOE and the old Calenda

Posted By: SOS
Date: Wednesday, 19 December 2007, at 4:38 p.m.

Mar Giwargis, represented ACOE and the old Calendar Church in the Baghdad Christian conference.

The Iraqi Christian Conference in Baghdad, under Mar Delliís leadership voted against a Christian zone in the Nineveh Plains.

Mar Giwargis, the ACOE Bishop, represented ACOE and the old Calendar Church in the Christian conference.

This has raise a lot of eyebrows among the ex bishop and Chaldean Church supporters.

Mar Giwargis did go along with the majority and voted against a Christian zone in the Nineveh Plains.

SOS your name implies, you need help badly. The only thing that has less of a chance than a Christian Zone is an Assyrian one. While the world smiles and pats you all on the head when you say you are Assyrians...they know what you really are. While you can sort-of lay claim to being Christians, there's nothing you can show that is Assyrian. So that if you try to get a nation or zone or area as Assyrians, it's dead in the water...if you try as Christians you at least have some legitimacy. It still won't work, but at least people will take you seriously...and the Bishops know the last thing they want is a Christian ghetto where outsiders would have to police them all or else they'd be right back at each other's throats as they were in BetNahrain in 638 AD and in San Jose in 2006 AD. people need to be diluted by the presence of civilized people who outnumber you. In your constant striving to have other people praise you and pet you, you behave well enough. But if anyone leaves you all in one room together...there'll be Christian blood everywhere...not Assyrian blood, Christian blood.

..people who are actually out in the world doing things and have experience of Iraq and still want to live there know what kind of reception they'll get if they demand an Assyria, of any they don't even bother...neither do they want to build themselves a concentration camp like the Israelis live in...their goal is still to live in peace with their neighbors without turning them into rival nationalities.

You live in's very easy to be Assyrian in Seattle.


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