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=> Christian precursors to Nazi practices...

Christian precursors to Nazi practices...
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Saturday, October 23 2010, 20:59:05 (UTC)
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Christians of Spain, once they re-conquered Muslim land, forced Muslims to convert to Christianity...but since the conversions were not sincere, they were constantly worried that Islam persisted among them. What to do?

"In 1587 the bishop of Segorbe (in Spain, mine), Martin de Salvatierra, answered Phillip's (king of Spain, mine) request for a solution with a program of Swiftean audacity. In Salvatierra's view it was too dangerous to allow the Moriscos (Muslims forced to convert to Christianity, mine), this 'evil and pernicious people' to go to North Africa, where they would only reinforce Spain's enemies. The better answer was that all Moriscos, men and boys and all grown women, should be gelded or spayed, and then they could be taken to empty zones of the New World and left there....Another proposal was to work all the males to death in the galleys, to the great benefit of the State...One proposal was that the entire Morisco population should be crammed onto old ships that would then be scuttled at sea, drowning all aboard."

No wonder the entire history of the Church and its crimes is never taught to youngsters....imagine Christians, like ours, wailing and yowling that a Christian in a Muslim country must pay a TAX, fer chrissakes, even though he is allowed to live, prosper and practice his faith AND avoid military service....while Muslims in Christian countries are to be drowned or spayed, like animals.

Is a tax supposed to be WORSE than being drowned?


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