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Christmas Berlin, 1939
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Wednesday, December 26 2007, 4:05:57 (CET)
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Website title:'s almost like yesterday....snow falling, Christmas trees and bright lights, good food, family and friends to share the joy...good wishes exchanged among people all devoted to the Prince of Peace...Star of David patches...beatings of Jews in the streets...pogroms...the first concentration get the picture: a typical, normal Christian holiday celebration with Christians gearing up to kill millions of their own kind world-wide with an especial effort to murder every Jew they can get their hands on.

Fast forward to this year...snow, Christmas trees, church bells, choirs...Christmas carols...prisons where people are tortured...a war thousands of miles away against an innocent civilian population who're being demonized the way Jews once were, only this time, it isn't Jews who are being hunted down by Santa and his murderous's Muslims. Their next target.

When we're forced to confront 1939 today we find it almost impossible to believe those kinds of things were said and done to Jews....many are so ashamed they've decided it simply couldn't have Christians were ever shy about killing innocent people.

And, no doubt, 70 years from now the people on another Christmas will be appalled that we did it again, so soon, to Muslims this time around. And who knows who Christians will be killing then...and feeling sorry for 70 years after THAT.

I tell you, Christians are a sorry lot.

So wish them a Merry Christmas, peace on earth...and duck.


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