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Posted by heist (Guest) - Wednesday, August 4 2010, 13:41:44 (UTC)
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To this who question their Assyrian identity *LINK*

Posted By: NISHRA
Date: Tuesday, 3 August 2010, at 7:09 p.m.

This is a response to those on the Mesopotamian forum. It wasn't allowed to be posted on their because I THINK it offends the destroyers of the Assyrian identity. They wanted proof of the Assyrian name being used after the fall of our empire. So this is what I found online (all these sites have sources)
-Current patriarch of the Syriac orthodox church was named after him, read
early life:

Now show me where the name Chaldean was ever mentioned in history after the fall of the empire? Why was it that only the Assyrian named was used time and time again up until modern day? Why is it that there is a field called Assyriology and not Chaldology, Mesopotamialogy, or Sumerology? Here are a few words from a world renown Assyrilogist. Listen to him.

I think Dr. Simon Parpola does a great job in this interview. Ask the Chaldeans what language they speak.. They will tell you Sureth. Now listen to Dr. Simon Parpola. He will explain to you the origin of this word. He has studied Assyrian history from ancient times to this day. Very sad that a foreign person like him has to prove to you that you are indeed Assyrian.

Now can I please see some proof of the Chaldean identity?


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