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=> Congresswoman Anna Eshoo and, Jeff, where eeees the picture?

Congresswoman Anna Eshoo and, Jeff, where eeees the picture?
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, April 30 2017, 5:31:14 (UTC)
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This April 1st a bronze monument of the Aramaic word for peace, Shlama, was unveiled in a Park in Los Altos, California. Yoors trooli is the sculptor of the piece with a major assist from our own Jeffry who, by the way, flew out for the event and PROMISED he would replace the photo above with a shot, he took, of the sculpture...ahem.

Anna Eshoo spoke at the event and the plaque on the base of the monument recognized her help to the Assyrians of Iraq and her service to the country...apparently many of those who came to the event were gritting their teeth and mumbling at the thought of Anna getting ANY recognition because they feel she hasn't done enough etc.

And today I was informed that on her Facebook page a shit storm of abuse was sent her way for a recent article in which she mentions the Armenians who died during WW I but made no reference to can imagine. I have to admit I was surprised that she let herself in for this sort of thing...I mean she must know what kind of people we can be. Why would a bright politician, who has been re-elected several times and from a rather posh and cultured district, make such a blunder, if blunder it was.

Naturally I had to comment, twice, actually. What tickled me was a response to my second post where the fellow, ignoring what had actually been written, came on with..."who are you? You only have two friends". It was at least better than, "your mother is a whore", but marginally. These people still can't engage on the issues...but rather, the few number of friends I have did me in, in his eyes.....this is what I posted, the second time.....only to add that many of the attacks against Anna had to do with "what was done to us"..."what is owed us"...and "GIVE us something..a country maybe"?

The question of whether or not the Turks engaged in a true genocide will never be put to rest. My own feeling, based on the historical record is that, in the modern era, only Christian countries have engaged in actual genocides.

Trying to have a rational discussion on this topic is difficult but worth the effort. When comparing Christian to Muslim behavior in this regard it is helpful to consult the historical record of both groups.

History, as written by Christian historians as well, shows us many instances of the deliberate murder, persecution, robbery and eviction of both Jews and Muslims by European nations. At different times Jews were evicted or barred entry to most European countries and the Crusaders slaughtered Jews wherever they came across them. When the Moors conquered southern Spain they welcomed the Christians and Jews to live among them and peace prevailed between all three until the Christians next conquered the region at which time they expelled both Jews and Muslims...that story is repeated time and again, over more than 1000 years, up to the Holocaust of 70 years ago.

By contrast, and again as attested to by even Christian historians, the Ottoman Turks were known for their tolerance. In their lands was the one place where Muslim, Christian and Jew lived side by side and in more peace than ever Protestant or Catholic lived in Europe. The Turks had no history of pogroms, murder, persecutions, robbery and evictions aimed at Jews or Christians as did the European Christians have towards Jews, in particular, and Muslims, whenever they could get their hands on some.

That is not to say the Turks did not beat down rebellion against the State, but that was in retaliation for rebellion, not for religion. Let's not forget that the Assyrians also harshly treated rebellion against the State. Had nothing to do with religion but all to do with the act of rebellion.

When we see the Turks accused of what, for them and their history, is so unlike their reputation and actual deeds for hundreds of years, we have to wonder if they actually and all of a sudden adopted the sort of behavior we know so well the Christians engaged in for centuries. In other words, murdering people just for their religion was completely foreign to the Turks, while it was common practice among the Christian nations of Europe.

Even today the Palestinians are not furious at their treatment by Israel because of any animosity towards Judaism, but for what the Israelis are doing to them....they would feel the same way if it was the French or Germans or Buddhists doing it to them.

It is logical, therefore, to doubt that an actual genocide popped up from nowhere during the four years of that war...such behavior was completely out of character not only for Turks, but for Muslims and Arabs as well, but was standard operating procedure for Christians as attested to, again, by Christian historians.


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