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Consider the Diabolical Fiendishness of Christianity
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, March 7 2011, 13:31:14 (UTC)
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...for 1,500 years Christianity has persecuted Jews, murdered and robbed them, kidnapped their children and worse...right up to the gates of Auschwitz only a few decades ago...and for what? For supposedly being the cause of one of their own being executed by the Romans...for which every Jewish child born since then has had to pay the price...on top of which they have recently convinced the world and each other that the Jews now control THEM...but that wasn't enough.... they have managed to turn a billion and half Muslims against them as that two-thirds of the world has now been made to dislike and hate the Jews....and all of it thanks to Christians...and from here on in the Israelis will manage, but not on their own, to increase the level of hatred as they are used and abused by Christian warmongers some more...but from behind the scenes so that for the first time since King Solomon, when the Jews actually did "do" things, through all the intervening centuries when things were done TO them...they are now, at last, placed in a position, by Christians, of once again fielding armies of their own who are earning for them the world's dislike.

This is not a course of action Jews ever would have decided on had they been left in relative peace by Christians..or, only been made to suffer for actual and REAL crimes they committed...instead, and in spite of all Christians have done, Jews have given back to humanity far more than their numbers alone can account for....they have taken the pain and torture of the Christian world and given back to the world brilliant poets, writers, thinkers, scientists, artists, builders and philanthropists...which has made the Christians even angrier because in spite of their best efforts Jews have not only survived but thrived...and they have gifted the world, the Christian world, with far more than it ever deserved.

Now, if we can just get American warmongering profiteers, and their kapos, off their backs, they may yet achieve the peace and harmony and security they deserved to earn for themselves.


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