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=> Could our Professor give an EXPLANATION !

Could our Professor give an EXPLANATION !
Posted by JUMBLAT (Guest) - Monday, December 10 2007, 4:03:26 (CET)
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Dear all:

Pancho always is backing up the so-called Professor who is a tool of the anti-Assyrianism , and one of his GENIOUS writings in his book about the NESTORIANS, he claimed that the BRITISH called thim ASSYRIANS while they never know it that before, in any way that is a BIG LIE ,and we elaborate on it many times in many writings that we refuted such alegations.

Now, my question to this Professor through Mr.Pancho , could our Professor give an explanation to the following where you will see an entrance of a Church that belongs to the JACOBITES where is the two lines in GARSHONY/Jacobite writing which said the first three words the following:

" In the days of Aphram I , the Assyrian ........ "

Could this genious Professor explaine that, because he said the British called the NESTORIANS to be ASSYRIANS, for sake of the argument LET US AGREE ON THAT, but now we see the JACOBITES claiming to be ASSYRIANS , how is that ?


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