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Cowardly Assassination of our Patriarch
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Saturday, December 8 2007, 20:51:23 (CET)
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Go on, admit it; you thought I was referring to Simko, didn’t you.

While it’s true that the Muslim Kurd Simko murdered our Patriarch…it is also true that we Christians murdered the next one. Simko’s actions were not the result of pure and simple hatred for Assyrians or Christians, as our nationalists will tell you. There was a practical reason for it having to do with the Patriarch’s refusal to join his followers with Kurdish tribes in resisting the efforts of the Sultan’s armies to curb the lawlessness and near-autonomy in the tribal regions of the mountainous eastern border of his empire. Not only did the Patriarch refuse but he spilled the plan to Turkish officials who were thereby forewarned and, no doubt, grateful.

The Patriarch’s refusal was not backed by other Maliks who preferred relations with the Kurds, and their own autonomy, over interference against all by Turkish armies. The Patriarch’s reasons had more to do with maintaining good relations with the Turks because of access to the European representatives whose offices were in Istanbul, than with dislike of Kurds…but he was seen as one who would not back tribal autonomy and so he was removed. It was a criminal act, of course…but so was our own murder of our own Patriarch years later. But there is a significant difference.

One could say that Simko murdered one Patriarch over “national autonomy” while we Christians killed another one over “religious autonomy”.

And why was he murdered…by a fellow Assyrian? It was claimed at the trial that insults aimed by the Patriarch, at their confrontation before the man shot him dead, at the father of the man who killed him was the cause. But that’s nonsense…Marshimun never would have said the things he was alleged to have said and why did his assassin knock on his door, while Marshimun was bathing his two Assyrian babies, with a gun in his pocket?….this was merely a childish example of, “he made me do it”. He was killed, I believe, because he defied Christian tradition by renouncing his position to marry. But even so, why kill him? It wasn’t like MarDinkha wasn’t salivating in the corner…or any number of other bishops couldn’t be found to carry on the tradition…even keeping a mistress or two handy but never EVER marrying.

By killing him we lost a most educated and kindly man…furthermore one who had served long enough to be allowed some personal comfort, gotten in an honest way, by having a family and raising two more Assyrian children…children who were made orphans by a Christian one of us.

Tell me religion isn’t everything with these bloody fanatics.


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