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Crises Capitalism
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, March 9 2011, 13:24:36 (UTC)
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...on Rachel Maddow's Show they discussed how this has been the way Republicans and their corporate bosses have managed to get elected for 30 manufacturing one crises after emergency after threat after another. Of course they have also done this in world affairs...they have created "enemies" put us in "crises" so we vote quickly, without thinking, without reading, but in a rush to "save" the banking crises that had to be voted on immediately or it was the 9/11 and the Patriot "emergency" if there never was fact, that was THE time to stop and think about what we were really being led into...

Democrats do it too, mostly because it's a great way to get policy enacted which wouldn't pas in any other way...the Gulf of Tonkin was another immediate crises where we had to act quickly without thinking.

Republicans were bought and paid for long ago...the reason the Democrats have looked so weak and whimpy is because they vacillate...they can't decide how far they should go, in bed with Corporations and Banks...sometimes, after a wild party, they go all the way only to wake up in the morning ashamed of themselves and despised by their most ardent other times they get some gumption from someplace and remember what their party was all in Wisconsin these past few weeks...but they're always liable to be rented, if not exactly bought.

To Bill Maher and all those other kooks who insist on framing the argument as "did Bush fly those planes into the Towers", let me say that no one is claiming one of any sense is saying America flew those stop getting these and only these nut jobs on your shows....what many sensible people are saying is that the American government, the president and his boys especially KNEW these plans and others like them were afoot...and not only did they not do anything about it, but they had these groups infiltrated with their own agents who then made sure plans went accordingly and then got out and waway before the actual day.

Corporate America has made huge gains from 9/11...from Crises Capitalism....and there is no crises like war to make us weak in the knees and all patriot-like and Jesus freaky and willing to sign our lives away...they've honed it to a fine art...and we deserve every bit of it.

There is financial crises in America EXCEPT for the one brought about by American Corporation and their Banks....they made the crises, profited off it handsomely and now want US to also pay that bill...corporations get tax breaks, on top of the taxes they already don't pay, and to cover the "deficit", schools and hospitals and old people and children are made to pay...and we wonder if anyone is actually trying to dumb down education in America.... control, baby. That's what it's all about...that's what Jesus is all about do you control, as best you can, 200 billion plus people? Well, the absolute LAST thing you'd want is an annual crop of 18 year-olds well versed in critical thinking, analysis, and a sure knowledge of the difference between opinion and fact.

It's our bed...we made it...and now we're being fucked in it.


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