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Dear Mr Kino....Fuck You.
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Wednesday, December 26 2007, 4:19:28 (CET)
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"Yes, they certainly deserve it but Fuat Deniz's family, friends, colleagues and all those searching for the truth surely also deserve a professional investigation. Someone, I don't know who, but someone must make sure that the police in Írebro receive all the help they need immediately, regardless of what time of year it is."

By Nuri Kino would have been more to the point to investigate the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi babies killed by Christians than to ignore them, seek no "justice" for them...point out THEIR killers than to get so hot and bothered about one man...who at least got to grow up and live a little.

..and I promise you; had Deniz been in Iraq doing research and been killed by wouldn't be saying a thing about it...except maybe that it was a "sad event". It seems some murderers are more to your liking than others.

..your grief and concern for only some of your children while you serenely ignore the murder of the rest of your family shows me you aren't much of a father to begin with. The murder of Deniz, like the murder of innocent Iraqis is merely an "opportunity" for you vultures....a "golden opportunity"...not to get "your land"'ve about fucked that as well as you can...but to get your Muslim brothers and sisters someone else, of course, because you are "real" Christians and can't do your own killing.

..and when a Muslim dares retaliate, if indeed his killer was Muslim, you scream and cry and kvetch about "justice"...because a Muslim life isn't worth anything to you people.

..and remember: it was one of us who killed our second, murdered, Patriarch. So don't be so sure it had to be a Muslim.

...Merry Christmas.


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