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Dear Mumbo Jumbo
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Saturday, November 24 2007, 21:35:09 (CET)
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Muncho wrote:
>pancho THE "anthrpologist, sociologist, and historian"

...I suppose I shouldn't expect you to know what those words mean.
>You're the last person I expect to understand anything I say... Let alone agree with it...

...your problem is that what you have to say is all too easy to understand...just because it strikes you as profound makes no difference to me.

You're not capable of relating anything that happens at anytime to "Human Nature"'s apparently human nature to invent gods as we have to ask what impact invented gods have on human nature and what kind of nature picks which gods. Ask someone to explain this.

, and the position of those with a corrupted nature like yours who occupy a position of power and use any excuse goodness you're an easily put-upon person. What position of "power" do I have? If this was a Christian forum, like all the other assyrian ones out there, you might see some silly attempts at "power"..the kind that bans and deletes what you are afraid of...on the contrary, this free and open, but not protected, forum has the power of rendering you nearly speechless...except for lame witticisms and a whole lot of lools...that isn't my have every opportunity to express yourself fully...nothing about Free Speech implies you also get to determine how your listeners MUST respond to you...I used my "power", as you simperingly put it, to make sure there was nothing to hinder anyone else's power to express themselves as best they could and to the best of their ability. Your limitations, whether through your human nature or upbringing are no fault of you come saying that isn't enough..that your almightiness must be "appreciated" and "understood" as well...I already said I DO appreciate you...I can't thank you enough for showing your butt-naked mind for us, so we could see how unwell-hung your head is...and I certainly understand you...goodness sakes you must have been fawned over as a child...which evidently wasn't that long ago, so taken by it all are you.

, including religious ones, to commit their evil acts.

...I reject the existence of's a religious construct to justify killing a man's wife and children as well..."criminal" is good enough for me.

Just like you're using religious reasons to justify your hate for those that dont think like you...

...I don't hate anybody...when I relate and catalogue your religion's hatred for all those who refuse Christianity and defend themselves from it, you call US "hateful". Tell you what...I'll grab your pink ass one day and try to rape it...and if you fight back, I'll say you must hate me. Have someone explain this to you as well.
>You can knock your head on brick walls until you faint...

...I never do that. I don't feel faint at all...I've learned a lot in the seven years I've been doing this...while you've merely kept your diaper on and are pleaseed with yourself for remaining "true". I'm not trying to change anybody and I'm certainly not afraid of being challenged...I tried in every way to remain on other forums in a search for signs of intelligent life...when that was no longer possible I opened this place, with lots of help, so I could speak freely and give anyone else that same basic right...I don't ask people to "understand" me or "learn" from fact I've made a point of being abrasive and NOT responding to friendly posts with obvious gratitude etc. All I ever wanted was to THINK...and then set down my thoughts...and give everyone else, especially those who think differently, the chance to do I said; your inability to seriously engage in this sort of thing isn't my fault or concern...but as long as you take up space over here...I'm going to use you as the good lord meant for you to be have the chance to be a free-thinking human bean and respond to intellectual challenges...that's what this place is for...that you prefer to lool and say, "you think you're important" your privllege.

It wont make you any different from those you're critisizing because of their belief

..if you had the intellectual and intestinal fortitude, you'd just respond, instead of forever listing all the reasons that you won't. We get it won't respond because you don't dare you say you COULD...if only I wasn't so stupid etc. We get it...kay?

and not because of the fact that they are ignorant and resentful just like you are...

...if I was any of those things I'd merely block you from getting on here so I could look "good" and "right"...but I don't. I ask you, I plead with you, I encourage you to stay right where you are and go on writing as you do...I think you don't like the reflection you get of yourself over here...and want to blame the mirror...also you can't stand to think that everying said here goes "unchallenged"...the lovely thing though, which skips right over your pointy head, is that rather than present a challenge or even a countervailing merely play into and underscore everything I write about you, as a Christian and human bean...I can afford to say this because I know you'll continue...otherwise I'd be hesitant to be so open...your density is a great me.
>If a biased and corrupted idiot like you, with your beliefs of how bad "Christianity" is isn't a "belief"'s right there, in black and white attested to by the greatest of real historians, mostly Christian ones too...we have ever produced. It isn't my "belief" that a Christian nation which had no reason to attack and murder Muslim children is doing this day. That's a fact, silly.

, was in power with enough idiots around him, what do you think would happen to Christians? more than happens to you and Jumbo, Mumbo, over here where you are in my "power"'d be allowed to survive, as you are here...your basic human rights, besides just Free Speech, would be respected...only you'd be expected to answer for yourselves as best you could..and even then, when you found you had not much to say except to go on calling "powerful idiots" like myself names and'd STILL get all the respect you could handle...but what you would NEVER again get is the right to self-righteously set yourselves above people you disdain and whom you refuse to be held accountable to...and that would be a wonderful thing...I sure as shit wouldn't forcibly convert you to my way of thinking...who would want that....? Neither would I kill you...not because you don't deserve it but because I'm not going to turn murderer...for my sake, not yours.
>Too dumb to undersand as usual? never cease to amaze yourself...I guess.

>All religions are the Same. The difference is in how people interpret it...

..they are not. Only Christianity incorporates criminal behavior, proscribed by every civilized nation and people for the last 5000 years...practically forcing its children to become criminals from the very start...accepting any benefits, whether a gold watch or eternal life, on condition of the murder of an innocent illegal in every modern society...and so is cannibalism and vampirism...this isn't a "belief" of's the dogma and ritual of your religion...that you find it disgusting, when stripped of piety and incense...don't blame me.
>You have ignorant Muslims just like you have ignorant christians... You have good and bad people in every religion...

...yes. But Christianity, set up and standarized by the Roman emperors, encourages more badness than almost any other religion known to humans.
>When christians or muslims are bad, DON'T blame their religion... Blame thier ignorance...

...sorry. In your case we see a perfect example of how a religion like Christianity can make people proud to REMAIN ignorant.
>I know you have stated that all religions are based on the same concept of "God's Messengers", but, for you to imply that the Muslim religion is "truer" than others, is simply ignorance on your part...

...look at the end result; Islam has not fought any major wars, produces no weapons, sells no weapons and conducts no wars ten thousand miles from its may not LIKE that Christian nations who wrap themselves in Jesus do these things...but that's your tough luck....the thing that counts is that Muslim nations DON'T do these things and haven't in the last 200 years at least.
>The Quran has as much falsified, misinterpreted, and misunderstood stuff in it, as any other religious book...

...when you agree to discuss the bloopers in your religion you might have some standing to discuss the books of others...
>Do not try to defend one religion at the expence of another... Believe what you want and leave others alone to believe what they want...

...fortunately our Laws don't work that way...the Mormons found out they could not believe whatever they wanted to...and one of these days someone is going to sue every Jewish moyl and doctor who mutilates infant boys for religious reasons...these kinds of things belong to the Dark it is the courts can remove children from homes where parents cite their religion as the reason they refuse life-saving medical treatment...religion has had less and less of an impact on human values..and that's wonderful. Naturally, after being hounded and harrassed and burned at the stake and having our tongues ripped out and our books burned and banned by the Church for 2000 years we're a little unsure of ourselves at the start...but if we stick to it...if we keep exploring and using our minds, the greatest gift by far that god and nature ever gave us...we'll come out of this barbaric jungle we've been led into by priests...sure, Islam has its problems as well...but it is Christianity, not Islam, which has been murdering the world...and so it gets most of my attention. Sorry.


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