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Desperately Seeking Andre
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, July 4 2011, 16:43:46 (UTC)
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...I think it finally dawned on him, as it has slowly on others, that I am not interested in talking TO him, once any real discussion ends, but rather talking THROUGH him to reach others. "I don't need you", I cruelly wrote at last, "I USE you". That shut him up and off.

But I still send him copies of my posts about him. I'm certain he's reading here....but if he isn't, I want him to delete, without reading, these posts. For while he thinks he's found a mostly effective and humiliating way, for me, to deal with me, what he doesn't realize is how this puts the seal to his cowardice....I scared HIM, not the other way around...which is exactly why he is in America "fighting" against those who killed his family...mostly by bending over for the State Department so maybe they'll do something for him...sure, they use him, but lose all respect for him come morning.


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