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Do We Not Think It's Time to Re-Define War?
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, February 28 2011, 19:24:36 (UTC)
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...people, the old days of Alexander the Great and Ashurbanipal are gone...hello?

Not even in WW I did anyone try to conquer, as in take over, another country. Certainly after WW II no one tried to annex Germany or Italy, or Japan....wars aren't fought for that sort of thing any more...these days you don't win anything when you "win" a most you get the other guy off your back...but you can't even take any of his land anymore...that can't be done under the United Nations charter.

The only state trying that is Israel/America, and they are in defiance of accepted international law...the AmericaIsraelis can't keep Gaza, or the West bank or anything seized as a result of war...that's the way things are done now.

So, all you can do if you declare war on someone is get them to quit doing something you don't like or you think endangers you...or, if you're attacked, defeat your attacker...that's it. You don't WIN WARS any restore the status-quo OR, you get some other advantage...hmmmmm, I wonder what that advantage could be?

War is the biggest business there is...and we have had some very successful business ventures along those lines, Vietnam being one and Iraq/Afghnaitan being the other....really, really profitable.

And, we're keeping North Korea alive just so we can have them handy the next time we build our Treasury back up and need to "spend" a little....

Iran too is being nurtured and kept in the wings for some future day when it too will "threaten" us...cause that's how you get into our Treasury, by scaring us....also good for business.

Look at airport security, no sooner did we buy millions and millions worth of screening machines than they've "invented" new ones that won't show your prick or boobs, so naturally we modest and shy people will buy those too...after barely getting any use out of the first order we placed, also to keep us safe.

Like Deep Throat hinted to Bernstein..."follow the money" will never go wrong. Iraq war? Follow the money....Vietnam? Follow the money...meaning who stands to make billions defending us? And, if there is no other way for them to make that much money that quickly, you can be damn sure they'll do, or have done, everything they could to get us into war...

that's what Eisenhower was warning us about...and you know it must have been serious since he was a five-star General AND a Republican.


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