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EU Delegation to Iraq Does Not Meet With Assyrian Representatives
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Thursday, June 9 2011, 19:43:13 (UTC)
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Maggie posted this and took great satisfaction from it...I mean that assyrians, other than herself, are being ignored. This is the way with this peeepil...nothing pleases them more than when a rival sect, excuse me, I mean rival group of "assyrians" is ignored or worse...truth is their only enemies are each other.....I was also told by someone in a position to know that when a recent delegation of members of the American Congress visited with al Maliki, the Howdy Doody of Iraq, and tried to bring up concerns over Christian minorities, he brushed them off every time...refused to discuss them....of course not., would be political suicide right now and in the future, to do anything special or particular for the Christians alone...he isn't THAT stupid.

"Four members from the Delegation for Relations with Iraq of the European Parliament, led by Mr Struan Stevenson, visited Iraq between April 26-29, 2011. The delegation had a series of meetings in Baghdad and Erbil with several representatives of the Kurdish Regional Government.

The needs and concerns of the Assyrians were not on the agenda of the delegation. Although the Assyria Council of Europe (ACE) had continually informed the EU delegation on the ongoing persecution of Assyrians and had asked the delegation to visit the Iraqi Assyrians, the delegation preferred to only have a meeting with Bishop Bashar Warda from the Assyrian Chaldean Church. Bishop Warda stressed that in regard to the enormous wave of refugees to the north of Iraq the Assyrian Christians are in need of support for their schools, hospitals and sanitation. Bishop Warda is not a political representative of the entire Assyrian Christian community as he only represents the Catholic Church.

ACE is disappointed that the EU delegation had no meeting with Assyrian representatives neither in Baghdad nor in Erbil. The five Assyrian members in the Iraqi parliament, elected by the Assyrian people in Iraq have not been taken seriously. If the EU is to help the minorities in Iraq they should start with talking to their elected representatives and not religious figures." isn't only in Iraq that the assyrians are being ignored.


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