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Epic of Gilgamesh
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Saturday, December 8 2007, 20:48:16 (CET)
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Epic of Gilgamesh

This is a real story from among us. One that’s becoming better known and appreciated among white folk. Several new books have come out recently the best of them all, and the best I’ve ever read, is by Stephen Mitchell, titled “Gilgamesh”. I’ll discuss his version later but what I wanted to point that this earliest greatest story ever told, is not told in Assyrian. It was written in Sumerian, which has no connection at all to is about a Sumerian king who lives well before the time of the Assyrians…and who has a different god entirely.

Yet a copy was discovered in the palace of Ashurbanipal where, along with older versions, there’s one by an Assyrian. So…is it an Assyrian epic? Can we claim it in any way? We certainly do although oddly enough we seem to have forgotten all about it and Malpana Gewargis never mentioned it. But it’s enough for us that it comes from the region, is from a people the Akkadians conquered and then blended with, and, finally, a copy written much later by an Assyrian was discovered in Assyrian ruin….so, it’s OURS.

In the same way the Arabs who first came to Iraq found Assyrians there, art, artist and architecture and incorporated them into a new culture…one which also brought a new religion, language and god with it…just as the Assyrians brought Akkadian, plus their unique culture and god, Ashur, to the Sumerians of Gilgamesh….and just as the Akkadians incorporated Gilgamesh into their culture and mythology and heritage, so too did the Arabs take into theirs the Assyrians and their achievements.

WE don’t blush to claim Gilgamesh…neither do the Muslims who claim “Assyria”.

It’s the most natural and normal and common process known to history by which succeeding cultures and civilizations are made…no “crime” and no “usurpation”…just Life.


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