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Ever heard of Naim Giladi?
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Sunday, March 6 2011, 1:59:59 (UTC)
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He was an Iraqi Jew from Hilla who joined the Zionists and lived in Israel. He mentioned in his book how the Arab Jews were treated and racist White Jews were. He even admitted that Iraqi Jews were killed by their own Jews to convince them to leave Iraq. Jews had lived in Iraq and prospered for thousands of years. They had no problems with Muslims and thrived under the Caliphates but the Zionists needed them to be scared and flee Iraq since most Jews had no interests in migrating to the "holy land". Whites are White no matter which religion they are. American Christians have and still kill their own to achieve their goals(examples: 9/11, Gulf on Tonkin, etc) and Euro Jews do the same thing to other Jews. I don't know why it's so unbelievable to the average American that his government would kill 3,000 citizens to accomplish a bigger goal which will take away our freedom, add new laws and make plenty of money.

Why is it so hard to believe? It's not like those who die in wars are related to the ones who benefit financially from weapons etc.


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