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Flogging Gordon and Rendsberg
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, March 7 2011, 13:03:36 (UTC)
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....academic Jews have their own version of our Aprims...they have their own universities in which the give advanced degrees for basically teaching Jewish propaganda. I don't fault them for the tilted as the Christian world has been against them I figure they're entitled to fight back any way they can...if Christians have spread lies about Jews for 1500's okay with me if Jews have spread their own lies...but when they lie, or rather distort the history and character of the ancient Assyrians, well, they'll forgive me for coming to their defense....just to play fair.

It's more a matter of selective interpretation than lies...Jews are far more sophisticated than we are...they don't need to out and out lie...distorting and misreading history works well enough for them...even better because the distortions are supposed to be harder to spot.

One of their favorite misrepresentations is that the ancient Assyrians were barbarian savages.....the Jews give themselves a pass for every cruslty they committed while underscoring what they claim were similar or worse cases among the Assyrians.

One of their favorite boasts is that for all their might the Assyrians never took and sacked Jerusalem...well, okay, that's technically correct, though other people did just that...but did the Assyrians really take and sack any cities...merely as a matter of course?

In the ancient world conquered cities paid tribute, or taxes, to those running the empire...and an empire was a good thing, at least a necessary thing because it stopped all the petty warring that disrupted commerce and the free flow of people and ideas....even Gordon and Rendsberg admit that the Pax Assyriana brought peace and prosperity to the region by ending the constant warfare between petty kingdoms and princelings.

But back to the claim that the Assyrian s never succeeded in sacking Jerusalem....I maintain that was never their have utterly destroyed Jerusalem, or any tribute-paying vassal, would be akin to killing the Goose that laid the Golden Eggs...what would be gained by bringing desolation to an entire city...where would next year's tribute come from?

the Assyrian kings, when tribute payments were held back or just late, would the tax man does today. They would camp outside the city walls...scare the inhabitants, starve them a little and ultimately get what they came for...and come back next year and the next if necessary.

But the Hebrews can be forgiven for thinking the won something, that they "stopped" the mighty Assyrians because it was indeed THEIR custom to raze a city to the ground and kill every man, woman, child, goat and goldfish inside...therefor anything less was to them a sign of "weakness". Joshua killed everything that lived...the Assyrians taxed them instead...and they left them alive and in possession of their goats and bulls and chickens so they could survive, and amass next year's tribute payment...after all, even the Pope exacted tribute from England, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, name it...and yes he too went to war to get his tribute paid on time and in full....he did that so much he eventually forced a revolution of tax-payers.

So keep that in mind.

God love the Hebrews...they were the Keystone Kops of the ancient world.


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