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For Gaby K.
Posted by Bob Aprim (Guest) - Monday, February 12 2007, 20:09:48 (CET)
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I took fright at the violence and killing in my country and so I went abroad to find peace. I landed among the Chinese but they were warring with the Huns and when that was through the Mongols came and when they left the Chinese turned on each other so I sailed away to Japan where surely the encompassing waters had kept the people safe from attack, but the Shogun Wars were in progress and before I set foot on shore ten friends killed each other for loyalty to opposing lords…and so my ship sailed away and I landed in England but the One Hundred Years War had just begun so neither England nor France were safe and so I moved to Italy but the people there were killing each other for religion and so I moved back to England but The Wars Of The Roses had just begun and so I had to run quickly out. I tried France again but the French Revolution was drenching the land in blood and brother turned against brother and little girls were having their heads chopped off so I sailed to Egypt but the French attacked there too and so I barely escaped and went to Germany But Martin Luther had set Christians against Christians and it wasn’t safe so I went away and came back when things had quieted down except they started the Thirty Years War and the cities were all fighting each other for the right to believe in what religion the people wanted to and the slaughter was terrible for not even grandmothers were spared and so I went to Spain just after they forced the Jews to convert to Christianity, after killing those who refused and so I thought the fighting was over but then the Inquisition was just starting and people turned in their neighbors and family members and had them burned alive at the stake so I thought it best to go to Sicily but the Normans and Arabs came and I was caught between, so I went back to Paris but the people asked me with which hand I blessed my food and I left for fear of answering wrong and never eating again and so I went to little Christian Belgium but the big Christian Germans overran it and a World War soon made it hot everywhere so I moved to Switzerland but nearly died of boredom and the sound of cukoo clocks so I went to Spain when the First World War ended but the people had taken sides over a king and were killing each other so I went to Russia but soon the Germans came again after only 20 years and started another World War and all sides were Christians so I sailed away to England but the Vikings were there fighting with the Danes and all of them killing the Anglo-Saxons and so back to Spain but the War Of The Spanish Succession had started and so I ran to Flanders and the Netherlands but then the Spanish came and there was a war for Holland and so I tried France again but the Albigensian Purge was on and children and mothers were being killed for religion and all of them of one religion with the same god so I left there to go to America but the Civil War had begun and Christians were killing Christians, brother was killing brother over Christians enslaving Christians and so I went to Canada but Fil wouldn’t let me in so on to Turkey where the people were restless and there was war in the Balkans so I left for Greece only to find the Turks there fighting too, so I sailed for Africa but the tribes were fighting each other and the British nearly took me for a slave and so on to India but was surprised to find the Portuguese and French were there fighting each other for gold and when they left the Rajahs turned on each other and I wasn’t safe there either so I walked across Antarctica and down to Patagonia but bandits fell on me and took what little I had left and I was lucky to escape the polar bears…finally realizing that people were at war with each other everywhere and there were other wild beasts too, I decided to go back and live in my home…among my own people…even if it killed me.


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