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Formal Complaint Against Bill Yonan
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Friday, March 2 2007, 19:04:44 (CET)
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..I swore a long time ago that I would do all I could to make it painful for us when we issue these hot-headed, stupid but oh-so-national and embarrassing threats to commit mayhem etc. We have the staff here at insidetc, and we have the best damn people anywhere, looking into all the agencies in California, the Federal Government as well as the city level to see where appropriate complaints can be lodged. Bill Yonan is licensed to carry a concealed he implies, his work has to do with cuffing people, dirt is optional...therefor any threat, no matter how veiled, by him, is taken seriously, because no one knows when such a hotheaded and unprofessional profesional, who should exercise restraint if anyone should and who agrees to do so when we, the people at large, authorize him to walk among us, armed.

..He also has a business licence and there are Business Bureaus in all cities where you report these kinds of business practices...

..the man is a typical hot-headed Mid-Eastern type..the kind America needs to be warned of... the type who will use that old "honor" code they have in Pakistan and Afghanistanm and AlQaidastan...the kind that can justify turning his business license into a personal license to take personal revenge on any uneducated man he feels sorry for...and there are lots of those, and we need protection.

One way or the other, we are going to stop crapping all over the place and calling it my BELIEVESS! We are also going to stop have people threatening to take care of you if you "ever dare see me".

My "threat" to rip him a new asshole is known everywhere to be in one has ever done such a thing...but a man who carries a concealed weapon MIGHT do somehting, "if I ever see you"...something which has been made as a threat lots of times..and carried through enough police officers as well as security guards...this keeps us infantile...keeps us shooting our mouth off...much to the embarrassment of us all.

To be sure, I withdrew my "threat" about revisiting Bill`s asshole...he has 24 hours to do the same with mine, as well as take back each and every threat he then the staff will have the necessary names and addresses and we can move forward with whatever chanels there are formal complaints...if nothing else, Bill will think long and hard, and maybe for the first time in his life, about ever making such a display again..and since Maggie is certain to have erased that email as well..I sent copies already and posted it he can`t say he was sharpenning his head when that one came through.

My suggestion for the future...if there is really something you need to do...don`t advertise....just DO it!


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