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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Saturday, February 17 2007, 16:47:32 (CET)
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…I’ll have to chop this up to tackle it in segments…

The Mesopotamian Forum
Statement and Response (Clarification)
By:Fred Aprim
Date: Friday, 16 February 2007, at 4:56 pm

February 2, 2007
Press Release

I’m probably the only person in the universe who’s actually going to think about what’s written here. The first thing to note is that attaching the words “Press Release” is merely an attempt to fool national dummies into thinking any press anywhere is interested or indeed even received this thing…they all put “URGENT…BIG DEAL AHEAD”…but we really should start seeing through this stuff.

In accordance with the invitation of the latest Stockholm conference and the requests of a group of independents at home (Iraq), a large meeting was held on February 2, 2007, in the Chaldean Cultural Center in Ankawa.

…“Stockholm Conference” just means that the usual five Assyrians and a dog got together in some run-down part of town to grouse about how no one was paying any attention to them. You Can bet that “large meeting” means there were enough chairs for a large meeting…but hardly anyone showed up…which has been every political “party’s” problem since they all started playing office. The “independents at home” means their own followers who are “independent” of Stockholm, by not being there…it means nothing else…we’re supposed to think it means a bunch of people who don’t belong to their tribe, who are SO impressed by their “program”, that they want them to “represent” them anyway.

The lengthy meeting was attended by representatives of many important parties and individuals representing our Chaldean Syriac Assyrian people.

…That it was lengthy, I have no doubt…for everyone has lengthy and meandering comments to make, and all of them in the form and guise of questions which drag on forever. As far as “many important parties”…what can I say except if you believe that then there’s a bridge in Assyria I can sell you cheap. There were maybe 75 people, representing 150 parties, none of them of the least importance except to themselves.

The attendants aimed to discuss the ways and means to prepare, hold and ensure the success of a large, broad and inclusive conference to unify our national discourse.

,,,and they fought like cats and dogs over the very idea. They may have “aimed” to discuss such a thing…but since these same people took aim at an Assyria and bagged a Kurdistan instead…I’d duck if I saw them coming again. In the first place they can’t be sure they’ll ever hold such a conference…which means they can ensure nothing about it, least of all it’s success…but since success in Assyria is measured by whatever you want to say it is…there should be a lot of success to go around, if they ever get together. In fact I think “success” in this case, as in so many others, will mean their success in getting us to pay their way.

The catch words, “broad” and “inclusive” is your clue that these two things are what they have all been accused of not being…and rather than actually try to become broad and inclusive…which would unsettle too many petty egos, they’ve decided instead to SAY they’re going to do these things…you can see from everything else they write that they have nothing but contempt for whoever they think they’re writing to...convinced that if you believed anything they said so far, then you don’t much care anyway and are hardly discerning or perceptive, so where’s the harm in lying to you some more and counting on the same indifference or incomprehension that got them this far?

…“unify our national discourse” is merely begging the question because that’s the one thing they’ve never been able to do and since Kurdistan is now on the horizon, it’s something with even less a chance of happening…they cannot unify because they hate each other as they have for 1700 years…and of course there is no nation. The entire number of attendees or participants won’t exceed fifty people…maybe eighty…and the damfools will go right on speaking for everyone else…and calling it “national”…because that’s the most meaningless phrase they all throw around…so that every ten of them can say they represent a “nation” instead of an alley.

The attendants stressed that this could be accomplished through mutual respect and dialogue.

,,,which is always lacking, because “respect” means you accept my views…so there never is any…and “dialogue” is completely alien to them…each of them preaches his point of view and throws up his hands in despair when the other person won’t change his own ideas and adopt the “truth”…which come to think of it is what they’ve been told our ancestors did when they heard about Jesus for the first time…and so maybe they believe it has to happen again the same way.

The conference will seek the institution of our full national rights constitutionally, including self-governing.
…okay, if you have any personal integrity left at all or think yourself more than a table lamp, you know this is a complete crock…and by now you should also have figured out that none of this happened…that there is no meeting planned’s just more stuff to get you to send in cash…so these attendees can travel to Iraq, or Spain and yell at each other.

…whom are they going to “seek” these things from…each other? The Chaldeans of Stockholm? The people they have to get anything from already gave them the back of their hand…does Aprim really believe any of this? Is this his idea of having “faith”,,,in what…stupid and venal people and dumbing ourselves down and degrading each other some more by actually falling for any of this?

…The “self-governing”part is a dead giveaway that this is pure horseshit meant to fool people into more “faith”…these guys can’t govern themselves, by their own rules, in their own clubs…and they’re going to govern anywhere else?

The attendants decided to set up a preparatory committee from the representatives of political parties and independents, which will start its work immediately in preparation to hold the conference on March 12-13, 2007 in Iraq.

…saying they’ll meet in Iraq is to let you know they are serious…and hope you’ll also think the idiots are actually going to stand up, in Iraq, and demand they be GIVEN what they deserve…which not a one of them would dare do…but which all of them will SAY they will do…if you’ll just send cab fare…then, when that meeting is over, they’ll accuse each other of “betraying” the cause and “blocking the demands”…the demands not a one of them dares make…in Iraq. But they all know by now, especially Kenna, that everyone wants him to make his stand THERE and not in Turlock…and so we have this promise to meet in Iraq and “watch out”!

Organizations participating in the meeting were:

1.Bet Nahrain Patriotic Union. (three thugs)
2. Bet Nahrain Democratic Party. (One taxi driver and four newsboys)
3. Assyrian Democratic Movement. (ten thugs and one bald guy)
4. Chaldean Democratic Forum (two bald guys and a Chinaman who wandered in and decided to stay and dance)
5. Chaldean Cultural Society. ( One guy with hair in his ears and four waiters)
6. Independent Suryan Gathering Movement. (one thug)
7. Chaldean National Council. (no one showed up)
8. Chaldean Democratic Union Party ( same as above)
9. Assyrian Patriotic Party (they would have but were clapped in jail the night before and couldn’t make bail in time)
10. Representatives of the Stockholm conference and a group of independents. (six thugs and one thugette)

Total Thugs in attendance: 29

At the end of the meeting the representative of the Chaldean Democratic Union Party withdrew explaining the vision of the party and its direction, which is that we are one ethnic group but not one nation. He emphasized on keeping the current name present in the Iraqi Constitution and that in the draft constitution of Kurdistan region.

…that means he had to get home because his wife expected him there stirring the kipti when she returned from rummy.’s also a sop to keep everyone on board, for their cash…those who DON’T like this point of view and those who do, each side sending cash so the “truth” will be represented in Iraq…when neither matters in the least.,75234.0.html

…no wonder these guys are running scared…they know better than anyone they can’t keep this farce going long, even with Fred’s virginal and breathless enthusiasm…but there could be money to be made...and where money is concerned, they love their nation to death.


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