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Gay Marriage New York
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Saturday, June 25 2011, 2:21:54 (UTC)
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...last I heard they're still debating but ready for a vote in the New York State legislature...the last hurdle was an exemption for churches...if at any time, after the bill is passed, any Gay couple or anyone sues any church over denial of marriage to members of their flocks who want Church weddings, the entire bill will automatically be killed...this is what drives much of religious resistance. It's a practical matter, again covered up by bullshit about morality...Churches are afraid they might lose their federal tax exemption if Gays sue them for not allowing Gay marriage for religious members because Churches get tax-exemption and the case could be made that no agency which benefits from tax law and for which the rest of us must pay their share of taxes can continue discriminating and denying equal protection etc.

I think that's a fight Gays are eager to have, one's a fight I certainly want them to have...and I think they already know there's a way around it.


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