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=> Gee....I wonder why there is an increase in anti-Jew...

Gee....I wonder why there is an increase in anti-Jew...
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, March 13 2011, 17:09:58 (UTC)
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...comments, open and in public....Gee....why?

Would Hitchens be surprised to learn that when you open one group up for public slander and hatred you're going to increase the level in hatred for ALL "others"?

Hitchens feels righteously justified for what he thinks are his objective "facts" about Islam. Well, so do Jew-haters...they too believe in their FACTS.....everyone has their blind spots...but if you start blinding people left and right and expect them to steer a straight course, good luck.

Jew-haters, who also no doubt can be Muslim-haters with no problem, look around them and are encouraged and pleased to see that you can say anything you want about Muslims, you can even have a Government investigation into Islam, like the Germans had into Judaism, and this is now Patriotism! So why should THEY be left out...why can't they revel, in public, in what they are as avidly convinced are facts about Judaism as Maher is in his facts about Islam?

Everybody thinks his shit don't stink...but shit is ALL stinks. You may prefer Maher-shit, if you're Maher...but don't come accusing the Jew-hater of having REALLY stinky shit!!!

You're all full of it.


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