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=> Gee...what if they were Black?

Gee...what if they were Black?
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, February 8 2017, 0:46:20 (UTC)
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(CNN)An on-camera stunt apparently designed to make a point about civil liberties ended in the arrest of two men Sunday.
Police in Dearborn, MI, said they charged the men with breach of peace after they walked into a police station wearing tactical vests, one of them carrying an AP-14 firearm and a handgun.
Police confronted the men, later identified by authorities as James Craig Baker and Brandon Brent Vreeland. They initially refused to comply with the officers' commands, authorities said.

In the encounter, which the men streamed live, police were heard giving commands to put the guns down and step back. One man was heard telling police they weren't breaking any laws.
As an open carry state, Michigan allows licensed gun owners to carry a firearm in public so long as it is not concealed.

...and yet Cleveland police were so afraid of a 12 year old Black boy, Tamir Rice, holding a toy gun, that they murdered him in less than 2 commands to put the toy nothing, just bullets to his young body...but these whites? They were just exercising their rights....that's correct...THEIR (white) rights.


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