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Genocide part 9
Posted by AssyrianMuslim (Guest) - Wednesday, December 26 2007, 19:43:11 (CET)
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On July 15, Holstein reported that the Kurds had killed all the male inhabitants of the Chaldean village in Fayashabur on July 11. On July 21, Holstein reported that about 600 women and children from this village had taken shelter in Mosul. He gave 600 pounds of sterling to the provincial administration of Mosul to provide food, and clothing to the refugees(Lepsius p124, p114).

On July 16, Ottoman forces opend fire on the Christians of Midyat(Hinno). Several of them died during the 3 day clash and thousands escaped outside Midyat. The villages against which the Kurds attacked previously and the ones expecting attacks were evacuated. In general, the Kurds were protecting "their own Syriacs" arming them and helping them escape.

On September 2, Kurds had attacked the town of Cezire supported by the Ottomans. Christian inhabitants were killed. The Syriacs had left the town before. The ones killed were Chaldeans and Armenians(Lepsius p167, p152).

On September 14, 1916, the German ambassador reported to Berlin that the clashes in Diyarbakir had ended, but the internal skirmishes in the Haverkan federation were going on. The town was suffering from famine and thousands died from from diseases and starved to death.

The Assyrians escape from Hakarri.

The Assyrians considering that the winter in Hakarri would be tough, migrated south to the Salmas plateu over Bapkale. The missionaries determined the number of these Assyrians at 35,000. The Assyrians had no money at all. They needed the help of the Azeri population. The Azeris were also suffering from famine. So the Assyrians began terrorizing and plundering the market in Urmiya. Upon the resistense of the Azeris, the Assyrians began murdering the Muslims in the town systematically. The local Assyrians who had been living with the Azeris in peace also joined the massacres. While Sontag, the pope in Urmiya, was trying to stop the Assyrians, Dr. Shedd , the leader of the American mission center incited them(Arfa, The Kurds, p51).

At least 1 third of the Assyrians from Hakarri died that winter from freeze, hunger, and epidemics(Bryce dok 27, Josephs p135).


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