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"Get it?"
Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Sunday, March 27 2011, 21:04:22 (UTC)
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"Get it?"
by Allen Ginsberg May 1992 New York

Get beat up on TV squirming on the ground for driving irregular
Get bombed in Philadelphia by helicopters with your little babies
Get kicked in the street by Newark police and charged w/riot
Get assassinated by a jerk while FBI sleeps with itself
Get shot by a stringer for the CIA & blame it on Fair Play for
Cuba committee
Get bumped off by an errandboy for Cuban drug kingpins, friend
of the Feds & Dallas cops
Get caught paying off Contras with coke money while Acting U.S.
Drug War Czar
Get busted for overcharging Iranians on secret warplane sales
Get convicted of lying to Congress about off-the-shelf dirty wars
in Central America
Get 12 billion dollars for a drug bureaucracy and double the
number of addicts
Get a million people in prison in the land of the free
Get the electric chair & gas chamber for unpopular crimes
Organize Citizens of Decency Through Law rob your own phony
bank several billion dollars get sent to jail.


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