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Glenn Beck needs to learn more
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Sunday, June 19 2011, 6:13:02 (UTC)
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As they always do, they just speak about something without knowledge. Beck claims that we have come a socialist country and has even referred to America as communist. He using these words as insults and this just shows how stupid he really is. I've wondered how people like him have TV shows but then I remember taht this is America. What the US is doing is not socialism nor communism but giving welfare to the rich. That's corporate welfare and socialism for the wealthy but screw the rest. That's capitalism at its best again. This is the worse country in the world when it comes to socialism and financially. The only thing he seems to think about communism is sharing with others. This proves that he is ignorant of this subject just as Sam Harris is ignorant of Islam.

Communism isn't just about sharing but it's about equal opportunities and more. we don't all have to live in same kin d, size and color house. We don't have to wear the same clothes or eat the same food. This isn't equality anyways but would become identical. I am not asking to be identical but have equal chances for everyone. Not everyone will be a doctor obvioulsy but the chance is there. Not everyone can be a mathematician but the right is there and so is the opportunity to be that or whatever. These fools think we trying to be identical when all we are asking for is equal opportunity and better services. To the 1% it's perfectly normal for the majority to be poor but for the rest it's not. Why shouldn't workers be compensated decently for their duties and be given benefits and rights. Why should I work my ass off for slave wages and not get any kind of benefits.

They want loyal workers and hard work, then they have to pay. Just as they say, "you get what you pay for". The company I work for has a high turnover ration. They hire people just as much as people quit and get fired. We had a guy walk out yesterday while he cussed out the managers on his way out. I can't blame the guy when he is paid burger king money yet is expected to work like he is some kind of machine. Glenn and those idiots have all gotten it wrong unless they just playing dumb and slandering the left just as they slander Muslims. I just need 10 minutes with each one of these fools and I give it to them good and take their pants off.


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