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Greece for Sale...
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, June 20 2011, 18:19:32 (UTC)
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Athens, Greece (CNN) -- Greece is preparing to sell off billions of dollars worth of state assets including airports, highways and state-owned companies, as well as banks, real estate and gaming licenses, to meet international lenders' demands that it raise funds.

...this is what it will eventually come to, everywhere. It's just a matter of time...there's no way it could NOT have come to this...Banks make loans...but they don't loan you, or create, the money to pay the INTEREST on those loans, that you have to get from somewhere else..and that "somewhere" else is, sooner or later, other banks...and so you only get deeper and deeper into debt.... won't work, of course....after they own the airports and everything else, the highways and parking lots, they'll begin consolidating and then they'll begin raising fees because they need to make back the money they just shelled out but even more than that they're going to want to profit, and there is no end in sight when it comes to profits....and of course people will have less and less to pay those fees with....and by the time revolution breaks out we will have private armies like Blackwater to impose Law and Order...but that will fail as well....and the misery will increase and we all DESERVE IT!!!


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