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Greeks Have to Show Too!
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Wednesday, December 12 2007, 21:47:19 (CET)
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I don’t understand the reasoning behind the nationalist claim that, “no one ever asks the Greeks to prove who they are”, so…”how come we have to prove we are Assyrians?”

Actually, the Greeks DO have to prove they are Greeks. No one asks them to prove they are direct descendants of Socrates, no matter how many Greeks are born in the “land of Socrates”. No one is that stupid. But they definitely have to prove they are modern Greeks, that is for anything important or official. This is something Greeks can do but Assyrians cannot…hence it’s a silly comparison.

Greeks have to have documents, legal and current and not smudged or tampered with either to prove who they are. Without those all the souvlaki and dancing will get them nothing…so does Jumblat, to prove he is an American…or Iraqi…or Turk. He has no papers, and he’ll never be asked for any, to prove he’s Assyrian…those five lines and one patriarch simply won’t do.

Oh, he can regale his co-workers at the water cooler or the motor pool that he’s a true son of Ashurbanipal descendant of the great and glorious ancients. And they’ll believe him too…Just as they would if he pretended to be Greek. But when he wants a driver’s license, or dog permit, or bank loan for a car or house…he’ll need real documentation and he won’t have any as an Assyrian…no Mor Malpana will do.

So, Greeks CAN prove who they are, where it counts….Assyrians cannot.

Note: I’d far rather be an enemy to stupidity than its bosom friend.


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