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=> HEY! Let's have another war!!!!

HEY! Let's have another war!!!!
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, September 10 2014, 3:12:56 (UTC)
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...reminds me of those old Judy Garland Mickey Rooney movies where pimply teens decide to stage their own musical...."Let's have a war guys"!

Americans are stupid before they're funny. Not all of them of course but enough to have a war. We're supposedly angry at Americans being beheaded and we're afraid, again, of, let's make things worse and go attack them!

It should be simple for Americans to understand Muslims....they feel the same way we do about their innocent people being killed...and we've killed hundreds of thousands of their people while they've killed far less of ours...but, if we feel justified and want "revenge" or justice...what do we suppose THEY want?

This is the old Tar Baby story....we're going to stick one digit after another into this goo, which we created in the first place, and follow that with another and another till we're all rolled up in a ball from which we can't get's already happened.

But, think of the money to be made! America is a business, after all.


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