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=> "Has religious Strife Hit Afghanistan"?

"Has religious Strife Hit Afghanistan"?
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, December 7 2011, 3:54:16 (UTC)
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Website title:, The United States has hit Afghanistan.

I guess the idea is that until I have all emails and official documents from the State Department and Pentagon and Generals on the ground, I MUST NOT say..."The United States is behind these bombings".

No doubt Arrow will say I must not leap to conclusions, and in the next breath tell me he knows there is a god somewhere.

Has religious strife hit Afghanistan?

Analysis: Afghanistan has its cultural rifts, but it's rare to see such religiously motivated violence as Tuesday's deadly attack in Kabul on Shi'ite worshippers. Is this the opening salvo in a sectarian war? FULL STORY | BOMBINGS KILL 60


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