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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Wednesday, December 12 2007, 21:46:28 (CET)
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You have to realize that certain words, especially in English, are twisted out of all shape by our religio-nationalsts. I don’t mean grammatically or in terms of spelling; these things don’t matter so long we get a working idea of how the word is intended…it’s actual meaning can always be ferreted out in time. Meaning, after all, is what we’re looking for; far more important than method, and spelling is a very minor accomplishment…and where would we be if not for those delightful typos or malapropisms?

I mean something totally different. For instance “history”. That word completely escapes these fellows. And , lest I forget, Hanna Hajjar, that Jacobite who was “embraced”, wrote a few years ago that Assyrians had dictionaries of their own. He meant of course for English words. You can imagine how embraced he would be to say such a thing in front of normal people. But it’s true; they really DO have their own meaning for common, well-understood English language words. Voltaire’s admonition therefore, that if you wished to discuss with him you had better define your terms first, becomes doubly true if you want to discuss things, intelligibly at least if not intelligently, with our nationalists.

Not even Jumblat or Hanna would be so foolish as to propose their own definition of chemistry…or biology…or astro-physics…unless of course a priest in a one-mule village church told them Assyrians invented them and Jesus wrote them down. Ordinarily even they would proceed cautiously if nothing else than to avoid being made fools of. But they rush to make fools of themselves in history…because that word has been bastardized and picked clean of all meaning by their churches with their basement “schools”.

No way would Aprim write his own physics textbook…but he would write “history”. In chemistry Jumblat would enter the first course humbly and filled with respect for his professor…unless it was a history class about him and, worse, his professor was also one of him and from Princeton too(horrors!) which case he’d call the professor a so-called and a stupid too, never once suspecting what that revealed about him; how unfit he was to even walk into the classroom.

If you want to understand how these people can speak so ill and with so little embarrassment to themselves about a man of Dr Joseph’s accomplishments, look no further than the way they define history.

History is the way you “feel” about yourself, or how you “feel” about others. History is how you “see” yourself. History is what dear and venerable old grandma told you…or the qasha with no education and less brains…but a good heart… a heart that FEELS history. History is what you like to think of as’s what pleases you and displeases your enemies…history is what shows them in a bad light always and you in a warm glow all the time.

The idea of history as a subject with all the strictures, rules and method as any science is totally foreign to them…which is the main reason none of them study their history as a discipline….because they feel they already know it, so why listen to the lies and tricks of stupid college professors? Especially those who don’t “see” them as they see themselves.


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