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Hitchens has a BROTHER!!!????
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, December 28 2010, 17:08:33 (UTC)
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....just had a very unsettling experience of watching Christopher and Peter Hitchens engage in a debate...the good part is that I can feel better about the Hitchens family...but in a weird sort of way...Christopher slays God but exalts Bush...and, wouldnīt you know it, his brother Peter slays Bush and exalts God!

I listened to the usual stuff about how Saddam was terrible and he had to go and how much btter Iraq is without him and oh yes, while things are grim now they will get better and better until Iraqis thank Bush and bless him for bringing freedom democracy and you know the rest.

Then itīs Peterīs turn and he gives a most reasoned argument against the war in Iraq and all the others...he says that religion in England, where both of them come from, has become a diluted thing with Churchill replacing god and the pilots of the RAF who won the Battle of Britain as saints...he says that all their lives Brits were taught that WW II was a good, a just war and so they gew up believing that there was such a thing as a GOOD war and that wonderful things could be accomplished through war and p.s. we DID get rid of Hitler and isnīt Saddam another Hitler, ergo shouldnīt we have acted in a pre'emptive way towards him like we WISH we had against know that argument too.

Peter Hitchens admits that his audience (he still writes and lives in Britain) is conservative, as is he, and his negative views on the war in Iraq, and especially the idiotic reasons we gave for it, make his readers angry with the guy is taking heat for his views, but says he no longer believes there are good wars or that things are made better by war...that WW II was the exception, though I would argue that it WASNīT a good war at all but as bad as all the rest....he says we have made that region and ourselves incredibly more unstable and dangerous at an additional cost of exposing ourselves to deserved condemnation and misturst for decades to come.

And then they move onto the next topic, religion, and Christopher gives a lucid argument for the absurdity and uselessness and also the positive harm of religion...and then Peter gets up there and talks about how religion is great and he believes in God and all the rest of it.

...I have a headache.


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