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=> Hitler Youth Pope is "Sad".

Hitler Youth Pope is "Sad".
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Thursday, March 13 2008, 20:16:16 (CET)
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Seems the kidnapped Chaldean bishop is dead....whether he was killed or died from geat joy at the idea of going to heaven real fast is unclear. What is charming is the sorrow of the leader of the religion that's been killing Iraqi civilians for fun and profit now for 17 years....makes you tear up just thinking about it.

Pope Benedict XVI reacted with "deep sadness'' to the news of Archbishop Rahho's death, a Vatican spokesman said.

"The most absurd and unjustified violence continues to afflict the Iraqi people and in particular the small Christian community whom the pope ... holds in his prayers ... in this time of deep sadness,'' Father Federico Lombardi said.

...excuse me...but the most unjustified violence in Iraq is directed at ALL Iraqis and in particluar the MUSLIMS, not the Christians. In fact violence against the Christians ONLY came about when the Christians attacked Iraq...if, therefore, any one is to blame for the violence Christians have suffered, it is, as it always has been, other Christians who are the cause of the vast majority of vioence OTHER Christians have suffered.

...even a Pope should realize that if Green people attacks a country of brown and green people, the gren people within that country can expect some animosity towards them from the brown people. All of the wars and incursions we've placed out hopes in when the Christian West has either backed us or conducted wars against our countries in the MidEast in which we saw OPPORTUNITIES for us have backfired badly...every time. They are backfiring all over the place now...they backfired all over us in Semele..and they'll blow up in our faces the next time when we'll fall for this "hope" once again.

...we are child-like people who simply refuse to take responsibility for our actions. We BEGGED for this war! Any rational human would have known that this would not be good for the Christians in Iraq...but what wasn't all that clear is that our nationaloists DIDN'T MIND. In fact, they KNEW it would bring death and destruction of unheard of magnitude but what ELSE did they have as a "strategy" besides racism, bigotry and a reliance on what always "saved" them in the past...the thing they are MOST proud of and celebrate every August guessed it; MARTYRS!

That's what kind of sick fucks we have for leaders.


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